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Frequently Asked Questions

Are inspections important? Why?

Yes. Home inspections are very important. Your home is often the largest, single investment you will make in your life. The value of what you own is immense, and the home should reflect the amount of your investment. Inspections performed by experts, shine light on potential problems, protecting you and your investment, in the long run.

How long does an inspection typically last?

Inspections are usually around 4 hours. We perform very thorough inspections and dedicate the day of your inspection entirely to you. We will never leave your inspection to get to another. 

Am I required to be present during an inspection?

It is not uncommon for homeowners to not be able to attend the inspection process. Therefore, the presence of the homeowner is not necessary, but access to the home is required. 

Can I utilize a Home Inspector during the construction of my home?

This is encouraged. We can be present for multiple phases of your home’s construction, ensuring it is being built properly. 

I’m putting my home on the market. Can an inspector benefit my sale prior to listing?

Yes. Knowledge is power, and it is important to have all information readily available for potential buyers. 

How long after my inspection is completed will I receive my report?

The majority of the report is completed on site during the inspection and in most cases the final report will be available the same day. Depending on the complexity and size of your property it may take up to 24 hours to complete the report. We make it our mission to get your report completed as soon as possible and understand that the completion is paramount to your home buying process. All reports are computerized with digital photos, video's and will be available for viewing at your own personal interactive web link or can be emailed in PDF format the minute it is completed. 

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

The price of the inspection is determined by the size and age of the house and any other buildings. The price of any other additional testing that you want to be performed at the time of the inspection will be added to the price of the inspection.

Why Do Some Of Your Competitors Cost Less?

All home inspectors are not equal. You only have one chance to get a good home inspection. You don’t want cheap — you want the best home inspection possible! Saving a few bucks by using a bargain-priced home inspector could cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs in the long run. 

Are There Limitations To The Inspection?

Yes, we can’t see through walls or predict the future! If we could do either of those, we’d be in another line of work earning a lot more money. Keep in mind that a home inspection lasts only a few hours, and it’s not technically exhaustive. A home inspection is not an appraisal or a check for compliance with building codes and it’s not an evaluation for any biological or environmental hazards. 

What If The Inspection Reveals Problems?

We may find things that weren’t expected. That’s what you want, right? No house is perfect, not even new construction. The report is not a seller’s “Must-Fix” list; it’s just an impartial reporting of condition giving you clear direction for what should be done about each problem. Every situation is different — it’s up to you and your real estate agent to decide how to proceed after the inspection. 

When Should I Call To Schedule The Inspection?

As soon as possible after you have a signed purchase contract. We’re often scheduled a week or more in advance, so make sure that your purchase contract has plenty of time for you to get repair estimates for major problems that may show up during the inspection.

For newly constructed homes, schedule the inspection a few days before your walk-through with the builder so that you’ll have our written report in your hands during the walk-through. You should schedule warranty inspections at least a month before your warranty expires.

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